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Because It's Worth It

Collaborative Finance

Vance Russell and Jeff Odefey of American Rivers developed this community-based guide to help municipalities navigate through the steps necessary to consider non-traditional funding and financing options. Supported by Yuba Water Agency and CA DWR.


Finding the Arrowhead

The Collaborative Finance Roadmap

Collaborative finance tools, such as environmental impact bonds or revolving loan funds, are increasingly being suggested in the environmental conservation sector to increase the funding available for project implementation. Supported by Yuba Water Agency and CA DWR.

Wild Forest Fires

Good Fire vs. Bad Fire

Is it possible to have good fires?

Following several years of the largest and most severe wildfires throughout the Western United States, Vance Russell and Eric Holst explain why it is necessary to distinguish between good fire and bad fire. Link to article coming soon.

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What Does Measuring Conservation Outcomes Mean?

Steps to quantifying success

In the conservation world, we do sometimes conduct business without checking the books. We make the assumption that if we plant trees, or get volunteers out in nature or improve the geomorphology of a stream, those activities will immediately lead to good things.